Adult Martial Arts/Tae Kwon Do

We all strive for greatness… To be filled with confidence, pride, fulfillment and joy. But these qualities can be hard to come by. Especially between the responsibilities, distractions and other things that consume your time. It can be hard to find time for you - time you can spend growing, developing.

Our Selden adult martial arts classes offer a place where you can grow each of these qualities - under one roof. Through the hard work you put into mastering martial arts, you'll feel fulfillment, accomplishment, and pride.

Your body will become leaner, healthier & stronger as you train in the ancient ways. And as you see your efforts pay off, you'll know that it was you who achieved such greatness.

The confidence this carries is indescribable.

This program is for adults. We combine Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, some Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and self defense int oa very well rounded program.

This class will also help you lose weight, gain strength, tone up and fel great.

Also included in this program is full access to MPBBC's Fitness Kickboxing program.

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Fitness Kickboxing Bootcamp/Adult Martial Arts, Tara
Fitness Kickboxing Bootcamp/Adult Martial Arts, Diana
Fitness Kickboxing Bootcamp/Adult Martial Arts, Mustafa