Bully Proof is Taught in All our Children's Classes

We Focus on Bully Proof Techniques during the entire month of October.
However, our classes are constantly teaching our members all the valuable information to stay Bully Proof throughout the entire year.



We're Done with Bullying, Are You?

Parents: Don't let your child be a victim of bullying!

In our Free Workshops, participants will learn non-aggressive methods to Avoid conflict and Stay Safe.

These workshops are: Informative, Effective and Fun.

PTA Presidents, Girl Scout Leaders, Boy Scout Leaders, Teachers, Principals, Coaches, etc., Contact us for more information.

We can customize our Free Workshops for your specific school or group.


  • 4 Rules of Bully Prevention
    • Women's Self Defense
    • 3 Rules of Concentration
    • 4+ Magic Words/Phrases to Give and Get Respect
    • 6 Ways to Achieve Any Goal
    • How to be Positive and Powerful
    • Many Others too

    If you are interested in more information for your group, please fill out the information below: