Junior Champions; ages 7-12

This program is for ages 7 - 12.

Children are divided by age and belt rank. We have our classes specifically divided so that we can give all ages and ranks our full commitment.

We are very concerned with the well being and education of our children. We understand that the younger students have a shorter attention span. Our unique children's programs use interesting and enjoyable methods to keep the student's attention and teach our students life long lasting skills.

We promte non-violent resolutions to conflict. Our methods help children to explore and understand conflict through role play and other exercises.

Students will learn self confidence, self discipline and control as they learn how to act and react to the world around them.

Our students are treated with respect and are taught to return the same respect to others.
We believe in praise, encouragement, and positive reinforcement. We have incentives for good academic report cards. Students must maintain good grades in order to promote to a higher rank.

We teach students the values of goals and working to achieve them.

Goals we set are goals we get! This program will take our "junior" students to Junior Black Belt.

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