Our Instructors & Staff Members

Our Instructors have spent many years devoted to training in the art of Taekwondo and other martial arts and have attained a certain level of expertise to qualify them as teachers and also mentors.

Through extensive testing, certification and tournament level competition, our staff has attained mastery in this martial art and now enjoy sharing their skill and passing it on to their students.

All Our Staff Members
All Our Staff Members has numerous credentials and accomplishments. We will be updating this section shortly to detail them.

Michael Pam  (Head Instructor/Owner/6th Dan TKD/1st Dan Haidong Gumdo)
Michael Pam is the head instructor at Michael Pam’s Black Belt Champions and oversees all day to day operations, class plans and curriculum.

Michael Pam is a 6th Dan WTF Tae Kwon Do Black Belt with about 30 years of dedication and devotion to the martial arts. He has studied under a former Korean champion and former Olympic coach, YH Park and Masters of other styles as well, such as Kickboxing, Haidong Gumdo (1st Dan Black Belt), Hapkido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and others.

He has participated in demonstrations and instructed training programs throughout Long Island in private schools, camps, public schools and college universities. He has been featured in Martial Arts magazines M.A. Training (cover story), Black Belt, TaeKwonDo times and others.

Dennis Graff  (Instructor/3rd Dan Black Belt)
Dennis helps in most adult classes. He can lead the warm ups, basic techniques and run a full class. He has been with Michael Pam's Black Belt Champions for over 20 years. He is an excellent role model for our mature adult base. Dennis is always there to answer a question and will always make the time for you. His dedication for the past 20 years has been outstanding.

Dennis Graff

John Lynch  (Assistant Instructor)
John has been with MPBBC for approximately 10 years. He is a 2nd Dan Black Belt. John's main responsibilities are assisting in the children's classes, however, he does the warm ups, and at times may lead the class. John is very personable and the kids especially relate well with him.

John Lynch

For more information about the Michael Pam's BLACK BELT CHAMPIONS staff or training programs, please contact us at 631-696-3890 or by clicking here.